How fast we grow and what is it like to erect a new building of the Aircraft Production Center in 4 months Back in August, there was just a lawn here, and today, a new workshop is already equipped with tools for the assembly works, and the employees are working on new Aircraft models.

The Center for Experimental Flights, which temporarily became an assembly area for our innovative project, has become quite cramped. We are growing at a gigantic pace, which is why this brand new Aircraft Production Center with the area of 1,000 m2 will be launched at the end of January. There, our aircraft will be assembled (large, 700 kg - air taxi, cargo evacuation, fire drones, as well as the models with the weight of up to 30 kg (Hi-Fly S12, S30). In February, CNC machines and other equipment will be installed at the Center, which will make it possible to produce necessary parts on site.
In addition to work places for mechanics and electronics engineers, designers, and technologists, a meeting room, comfortable living conditions for workers, there is also a place for an umbrella stand and a designer new sofa set for guests and visitors.

We thank all builders for their high-quality and quick work. So, we wish you a lot of new, successful tests and significant discoveries in the new workshop!
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