On January 25, in the seaport of Taman, a meeting was held between the representatives of the company and the management of the Federal State Budgetary Institution "Administration of the Black Sea Seaports" and the Azovo-Chernomorsky Basin Branch of the FSUE "Rosmorport", dedicated to the application of unmanned aerial vehicles in solving a number of problems in the seaport of Taman.

The meeting was attended by the captain of the seaport of Taman and his deputies, a delegation of the leaders of the FSUE "Rosmorport" Azovo-Chernomorsky Basin Branch and the representatives of the company responsible for the development of unmanned aerial vehicles.

During the meeting, a pilot project on monitoring the water area of the seaport using unmanned aerial vehicles was reviewed.
The directions of implementation thereof on the territory of the seaport were agreed, including:
- prompt delivery of light cargo and medicines to ships;
- speeding up the process of transferring documentation between a ship and the shore;
- ensuring additional objective control over the movement of ships in the water area of the seaport;
- tracking unapproved intrusions of unauthorized persons and vessels in the water area of the seaport;
- ensuring prompt assessment of the environmental situation of the seaport and the possible spill of raw materials, oil products, etc.

Successful implementation of the project should become the basis for its further scaling in the Azov Sea and the Black Sea.
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