31 january 2022 We are creating a joint Competence Center for small cargo drones production. There are first agreements with the Omsk State Technical University.
The first steps to create a joint competence center for the production of competitive small cargo drones have been taken within the agreement with the Omsk State Technical University. At the end of January, a meeting of leaders of the Innovation Center with the employees of the following leading design departments of the Omsk State Technical University was held:

- research laboratory "Small Unmanned Vehicles" (RL "SUV");
- student design bureau "Orbita" (SDB "Orbita");
- student design bureau "Special Electromechanical Systems";
- student research laboratory "Intellectual Technologies of Robotics".

The parties have reached agreements on significant development of partnerships between the IC and OmSTU. It is expected that an initiative group will be created at the university to study the world's leading practices in the field of cargo and passenger drone development. It is planned to integrate the best results of the findings into the aircraft developed by the company within the Hi-fly project.

Plans are underway to develop partnerships in the field of aircraft aerodynamics modeling, as well as innovative material applicability assessment. In addition, the agreement made implies the development of an innovative mechanism for cargo loading/unloading for the delivery of medicines and food products using unmanned aerial vehicles.

The parties agreed that the agreements reached are only the first step in creating a joint competence center for the production of competitive small cargo drones at the premises of the OmSTU.
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