On January 28, 2022, the Hi-Fly project Test Group jointly with one of our most reliable and promising partners (AVAKS-GeoService) conducted regular tests of Hi-Fly S30 unmanned aerial vehicles (with a total weight of up to 30 kg), as well as S7 (up to 7 kg)

The purpose of the tests was to check the operation of various systems and elements of unmanned aerial vehicles and to practice flights in various weather conditions:

- one group was working in cold weather conditions down to -15 degrees °C on the territory of the Innovation Center in Belgorod region;
- the second group was practicing flights on the Taman Peninsula (Taman port) in conditions of wind of up to 15 m/s.

Both groups performed successfully and achieved the target indicators!

We thank the guys for their work and look forward to further success of the project!

At this stage, S7 and S30 unmanned aerial vehicles are capable of being in the air for more than 2 hours already and cover distances of more than 200 km, having from 1 to 5 kg of payload on board. S7 and S30 models are a part of the Hi-Fly UAV fleet and are used in practical transportation today. We will continue to inform you thereof in the upcoming news.
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